White Sage Tarot Bundle - Pre-Sale Open Now!
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White Sage Tarot & Art Prints

After 5 months of drawing, painting, and planning,White Sage Tarot is here! I really wanted to make this debut stunning for you.  I put together a Collector's Edition Bundle. Please note, I'm only printing 50 of the #22 The White Sage (owl seen below). Once they are gone they are gone. 
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       White Sage Tarot is modern minimalist 78 card deck based in a classical model of tarot. I illustrated the animals wear clothing and crowns, which creates a whimsical touch to both the Court Cards and the Major Arcana. I'm infusing colors of the 7 Chakras (energy centers) in the deck ribbons as an additional way to read the deck.Seeking a way to balance the hyper-masculine energy in our culture with a soft, strong and feminine deck, White Sage Tarot was born. The white sage plant is used in smudging; an ancient Native American method used to cleanse spaces and people. The intention of The White Sage Tarot is to help people find clarity and flow while navigating life’s journey.
Please Note:
• Only 50 "#22 White Sage" card will be printed
• All spread cloths are unique both in color and size
• I hope to deliver all decks by September 2017